Our MRI Scanners

Advanced Radiology offers MRI services through our sister company, Open MRI of New England offers a choice of MRI scanners.

• 3 Tesla High Resolution Scanner
• High Field, Open-Sided
• High Field, Short-Bore

You and your doctor can select which one is best for your needs.

All of our systems are connected to the Advanced Radiology Fusion-Link which allows your doctor to have instant and secure access to your images on the Internet, moments after the study is completed.

3 Tesla High Resolution Scanner

Advanced Radiology offers 3 Tesla imaging services which have become the new standard for high resolution neurologic, orthopedic, body and vascular studies. Our Philips 3T system is configured for the highest patient comfort, utilizing special noise suppression technology along with extra fast scanning to reduce overall exam time. It is equipped with an extensive selection of accessories and scanning tools to enable the most advanced diagnostic studies possible.

High Field, Open-Sided

Oasis Oasis_malePatient
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At 1.2 Tesla, the new generation Oasis systems combine comfort with remarkable image quality. The open architecture allows patients to continuously see and reach out the sides of this scanner. All procedures traditionally done on bore type high field scanners can be performed on our Oasis scanners with uncompromised image quality and speed.

High Field, Short-Bore


Our short and ultra-sort bore high field scanners feature extra fast scanning and special clinical capabilities. With their 1.5 Tesla field strength and high “gradient” power, they provide excellent image quality for all procedures. The wide opening, short-bore design of these scanners enhances patient comfort throughout the scanning procedure.

Advanced Radiology MRI services are available through:
Open MRI of New England, Inc.
(401 or 866) 725-6736