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Our Services

CT Scan

CT scanning constructs precise images of your body anatomy using focused x-rays and moving detectors. Typical exams usually take only 10-15 minutes to perform while providing a high degree of information.

Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry (also known as Dexa scanning), provides a fast and convenient way to assess the bone (calcium) density and condition of the spine and hips.


Ultrasound studies use high frequency sound waves to provide image information of various soft-tissue parts of the body including the abdomen, pelvic area, neck, legs, breasts, arteries and veins.


MRIs have become one of the most popular methods for diagnostic studies. By using a combination of radio waves and a magnetic field, MRI images can differentiate between all body tissues and fluids.


X-rays are one of the quickest and effective ways to diagnose many conditions related to the head, spine, bones and joint structures. They can also help determine the status of diseases and infections.